About the Deanship

The Deanship of Student Affairs was established with the Northern Border University in 1427 AH as a supportive deanship. Through this Deanship, Allah has honored us to serve students who are the backbone of the university and the country's future, and to whom faculties and facilities were founded. The Deanship seeks to create an optimal university environment by providing various services, programs, and activities for its students in line with their interests; helping them achieve their aspirations to rise together through them to be among distinguished universities. The Deanship of Student Affairs is the front of the university for students and all sectors of society. This makes us realize the great responsibility placed on us to provide everything we have for the service of Northern Border University students.

Dr. Mohammed bin Salal Al Dhalan
Dean of Students Affairs
شعار عمادة شؤون الطلاب

Vision and Mission


Providing a student-friendly academic climate by delivering all the services related to the student's academic matters at the University.


The Deanship provides all the necessary services such as housing, nutrition, library, gymnasiums, mosques and restaurants. We deliver what enhances the students'  talents and hobbies to develop their integrated personalities, help them become self-reliant, and acquire social customs within the framework of Islamic law. 


  • Refine and build a positive and balanced personality for students.
  • Promote participation, dialogue, learning, competition, and creativity culture.
  • Develop the performance of the human cadre in line with the Deanship's services.
  • Promot a sense of belonging to the university and the Arab and Islamic nations.
  • Enhance students' ability to adapt to the local environment within and outside the university.
  • Develop and strengthen the spirit of university discipline and adherence to customs and regulations.
  • Highlight students' artistic, academic, and sporting talents and explore their creativity.
  • Familiarize students with teamwork and participation in the planning, implementation, and follow-up of various activities, and housing and nutrition services.
  • Diversify services, activities, and care methods provided to students following requirements, university goals, and community needs.
  • Care for gifted students and students with special needs and community service. Provide social, psychological, and educational assistance and student guidance.
  • Develop the Student Grants and Assistance Program.